Friday, July 6

Brussel's Sprouts

Hello everyone! (:

This will be a short post because my main purpose is to exclaim TGIF! I honestly need to clear all these other things so that I can do my job properly; these other things are distracting and time-consuming!

Anyhow, here are two photos from our impromptu mid-week date last week! We decided to just push everything aside for a while and make our way to Brussel's Sprouts for some mussels cos Matty had a craving for it.

The best thing about this place is that you get unlimited fries if you order a pot of clams so if you are a fries lover like me, you should definitely make a trip down for this! The fries are pretty good and they taste delicious when they are served piping hot!

I do think that it's nice to take a break from the humdrum once in a while - gives additional motivation to do things after you resume work. Will look forward to doing the more essential things this weekend (:

Have a great Friday and a restful weekend! (:

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