Sunday, July 1

The Lounge at Four Seasons Hotel

Hello everyone (:

It's a beautiful Sunday and I'm feeling pretty pleased that I'm at home and away from the heat outside! This post shall be my final post on HK food for now because I think I need to start keeping track of the places that I've been (re)visiting in Singapore so this shall be it.

It was stormy and rainy on our second last day in HK so we were somewhat limited by places that were accessible only via the MTR underground. Thankfully, HK's MTR system is very advanced and there are many underground walkways to facilitate our commuting from place to place (:

Since we'd such a wonderful time at Peninsula's high tea, we decided to go for yet another high tea but this time, we chose to have it at The Lounge at Four Seasons Hotel! (: It's easily accessible because it's connected to the Central MTR station as well as the famous ifc mall.

Like many other renowned hotels that serve afternoon high tea sets, The Lounge also does NOT take reservations and you will have to start queueing before tea time starts. Alternatively, you can go about 1.5-2hours AFTER tea time starts because that's when the first wave of diners will make their exit and you will be able to get your table without having to wait too long.

We chose to have the high tea set for two which comes with two different pots of tea/ coffee as well as a three tiered tea set (:

Personally, I feel that the scones at The Lounge were better and slightly more buttery than the ones served at Peninsula but the rest were more or less above average (: Special mention has to go to the savoury plate - their sandwiches and other savoury pastries were GOOD! (: Definitely something you should try to finish if you can't stomach the rest of the sweet things!

And lo and behold! We ordered our first bowl of fries at The Lounge! (: I was having a bit of a craving for fries and when I saw these bowl of golden shoots at the table near us, I knew we had to order one of ourselves and I'm glad we did! (:

If I ever go back to HK again in the near future, I would certainly love to try having high tea at other hotels that serve them! To me, having a good and long conversation with a buddy over 'finger' food in a place with top-notch ambience is pure indulgence (:

Alright back to reality.. will update this place again soon! (:

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