Sunday, July 22


Hello everyone! (:

The weekend's zooming by again so I shall try my best to enjoy and cherish what's left of it! Last weekend was pretty fun because a group of us actually went to Medz at the basement of Orchard Central for dinner on Saturday night! (:

Medz works like Marche (you are given a card upon entry and you use it to order your dishes) except that it serves Mediterranean food! The seating capacity is quite big and the tables aren't packed too closely together so you won't feel claustrophobic!

Unlike Marche, most stations at Medz make use of this buzzer system, which is pretty useful because it allows you to go back to your table to sit down and chat with your friends while waiting for your food to be cooked! The buzzer goes off once your food is ready for collection and you can proceed promptly to the particular station that you ordered from to collect your dish!

I didn't manage to note the prices of all the dishes that we had because we paid separately but I will record what I did manage to get:

Skewered grilled squid, best eaten when warm!

Duck confit, which was pretty alright (:

My first time eating a calzone and I chose to have the Fish & Mushroom Calzone ($11)! It tastes like pita bread with cheese, fish and mushroom filling (: Not too bad for a meal though I think some wouldn't like being filled up with so much carbo/ dough. Very affordable!

Wagyu Rum ($24.90), which I am told is an oxymoron because it's supposed to (based on its name) be both tender and hard at the same time. However, it turned out to be more the latter than the former, which was quite a pity but it was still decent and edible.

Some fish stew dish which didn't meet expectations.  

Not too fantastic paella.

This bowl of golden truffle fries ($9.90) made our day! It was fried to perfection and there was just enough truffle and cheese in my humble opinion.

The churros and chocolate sauce would have tasted better if it were served warm instead of at room temperature! Nevertheless, it provided a nice sweet ending to our meal!

On top of the relatively good food, two of my friends enjoyed the 1-for-1 alcohol promotion! I think it's pretty worth it because you can get 2 bottles of Duvel (apparently it's good quality beer) at $20! Quite a steal considering a bottle usually costs $15? I'm not too familiar with prices of alcoholic drinks because I don't drink but that's what my friends told me.

Alright that's all for now. It's late and it's time to sleep! Goodnight! (:

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