Monday, July 16



Jade's back! (: Spent the better part of the night at Changi Airport waiting for her to arrive, then we went to Macs drive-thru to get Macs for supper and now we're back home (: It's great to have her back because the limmies are finally together! Perhaps we can watch Spiderman and/ or Batman together as part of our reunion celebration if we can find the time (:

Matty and I have been keeping up with our weekly food dates and we went to Fosters not too long ago because Matty wanted to relive his wonderful steak experience.

I know Fosters has been around for a long while but strangely enough, I've NEVER been there till that fateful day a few weeks ago! I guess it's one of those popular restaurants near my place which I've never gone to try so it's good that I finally made it there because Fosters serve good food!

Breakfast/ brunch/ lunch can never go wrong with a glass of orange juice for starters. This glass of orange juice was part of my Breakfast Set.

Matty went with the Cappuccino ($6) which was more foamy than usual but tasted okay!

Two warm complementary mini baughettes with salted butter! (: Yumyum.

My hearty breakfast set ($22)! The thick slice of toast is actually sitting in the basket at the top of the photo and it was one of the nicest toast I've eaten! I think it's got to do with the thickness of the bread as well as how well it has been toasted.

Matty's Fillet Fantastique ($42), which was a complete pleaser! I loved eating the french beans and carrots! The steak was very well-cooked and there was just enough sauce to go with the meat. I think he felt satiated after that!

We were too full for desserts so we skipped that course. I sense my appetite and food preferences shifting and I'm wondering if it's got to do with iron and blood but whatever it is, I'm definitely glad that I'm enjoying the same kinds of food! (:

Alright it's late and I've to go to bed now! Have a great week ahead everyone! (:

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  1. Fosters serves steak as part of their breakfast repertoire? Awesome!