Wednesday, September 16

Greenwood Fish Market & Bistro

Hello (:

Greenwood Fish Market & Bistro serves one of the best fish & chips that I've tasted so far in sunny Singapore (: Our virgin visit to this restaurant earlier this year was extremely pleasant - the food was good and the atmosphere was relaxed and casual. We were so impressed with their food and service that we decided to head back there last week during a weekday for some yummy fish & chips!
I love the blue napkins! (: I think the only other restaurant that gives colourful (yellow to be exact) napkins is Earle Swensen's.

The restaurant isn't very large so the seating capacity is limited as well. It should be able to take around 30 people? It's advisable to make a reservation if you want to have a meal there on weekends.
Complimentary bread. We didn't have this the previous time. I think they change their complimentary item as and when they feel like it. The bread was extremely soft and it had a wholegrain taste to it. I'm quite sure people who like wholemeal bread will like this!

Usually, Jeffrey and I will try to order different dishes or different types of dishes so that we can try each other's food. For instance, I ordered a pasta dish during our first visit while he had fish & chips.

Last week, however, we decided to do something a little different. We ordered the same dish (fish & chips) but opted for different styles of cooking!

I'd the breaded fish & chips ($18.90) which was nothing short of delightful. The fish slices were cooked to perfection. The outside was crispy while inside of the fish fillet remained juicy and soft. Their fries deserve special mention because they taste SO good. I love straight cut fries and these are just irresistably good! You have to try them! (:

Jeffrey had the battered fish & chips ($18.90) and he loved it too! Oh there's salad on the side so you needn't worry about not getting your greens. Anyhow, we managed to polish everything off our plates without even trying! That's how good the fish & chips were (to us at least).

Partly because of time constraint and partly because the dessert we had during our first visit wasn't spectacular, we decided to give dessert a miss this time round. If you're a dessert lover like me and you don't want to take the risk of ordering a less-than-satisfying dessert, you can always pop by the icecream shop a few doors down after eating at this restaurant because that icecream shop sells yummy icecream! =)

Alright, I shall end off my short mid-week entry and get some rest. I'll udpate again soon! (: Goodnight!


  1. Yeps, the fishes look great! (: Maybe Papa can try cooking an entirely western meal one day? Haha, he will probably think it beneath of him or something! (:

  2. Yeah we should suggest that to him (: There're lotsa fries in the fridge so maybe he can clear them at one go if he decides to cook fish & chips! (: