Wednesday, September 9

Straits Cafe

Good morning (:

I'm feeling great because my schedule isn't as packed as yesterday so today's kinda like a breather. Tomorrow's going to be a horrendously long day but I'll handle tomorrow when tomorrow comes (: For now, I shall display some photos of the glorious food that Justina, Jeffrey and I had last weekend at Straits Cafe @Rendezvous.

Straits Cafe is located at Rendezvous Hotel, which is short distance from Plaza Singapura and The Cathay.

We decided to ask Justina (my youngest sister) along because DBS is having a 3-for-2 buffet promotion! =) I'm glad that she agreed to come along and that she enjoyed the food.

The food alley. It's shaped like a "Y", with all non-dessert food on the top level and dessert section on the lower level.
Cafe Rendezvous serves mainly local/ Chinese food but like most other buffet spreads, they also
include the usual 'buffet works' such as a big salad/ appetizers section as well as food from other kinds of cuisine (in this case they had Japanese and Indian food).

Table Setting. I told Justina that I liked the table mat a lot because matches the interior decoration of the restaurant! =)
The big goblet of water! I think it's a smart idea to serve water in such big cups because it means that the waiters/ waitresses do not have to spend so much time refilling our cups for us. I'm the kind of diner who likes to be left alone while eating so the lesser the waiters/ waitresses come to our table, the better it is for me =) I also appreciated how the waiters/ waitresses at Straits Cafe clear our empty plates in a quiet and efficient manner.

A bowl of creamy mushroom soup. The mushroom soup was of average standard, it wasn't very creamy but it had quite a lot of mushroom bits swimming in it! A great starter to have!
The spread at Straits Cafe was reasonably big considering the original price for buffet lunch per head is $35++. There was definitely enough variety but it wasn't overwhelming because I think it's possible for one to try everything if one is very hungry. What impressed all of us was the quality and freshness of the food! The dishes were very well prepared and most of the dishes were above average. We enjoyed their selection of food so much that we couldn't help going for repeated rounds (of the same yummier dishes)! Here are some photos of the food items that we ate:
Salad and pasta salad.
Pasta salad, sushi (they were awesome! The BEST tasting sushi that we've tasted in any buffet), poached salmon
Salad, smoked salmon, pasta salad, zucchini salad, fruit salad

Sushi, siew mai, pork and chicken

Salmon sashimi.
Sushi and cold soba with naruto.

More sushi (yes it was THAT good!), fish fillet, yam rice and prawns

Fish fillet (I found it exceptionally good), stewed vegetables, yam rice
Yam rice and big green leafy vegetables

On-the-spot Laksa! =) It was good! Almost every table had a bowl of laksa. I guess it's one local dish that we can't and don't want to miss at this buffet!

Salmon fillet, fish fillet, stewed vegetables

Jeffrey's "Smiley face" that's made up of siew mai and crab legs

Indian rojak and pasta salad
They've a coffee/ tea machine dispenser! Jeffrey and Justina had a cup of hot chocolate each while I tried the latte. Yummy stuff (:
Bread&butter pudding! (: How can I resist it! The bread&butter pudding here wasn't as nice as Carousel's but it was still quite delicious. People who do not like raisins will definitely prefer the bread&butter pudding here because it's devoid of raisins! =)
The durian platter - durian mousse cake (pretty alright), durian mousse and durian puffs. This is one of the few non-durian-buffets that serves so much duriany stuff for dessert! Nice (:

The lemon meringue tartlet is GONE! Oops. I think I ate that way too quickly. The lemon meringue tartlet was fantastic! =) Loved it! The slices of durian mousse cake and cheesecake were pretty normal.
After 1.5hours of almost-nonstop eating, we were stuffed to the brim! We don't know how this bunch of relatively old aunties (they look like they're in their 60s or 70s) managed to eat almost-nonstop for more than 2hours! They were there before us and they were still eating when we left the restaurant! Amazing (: Anyhow, the meal came up to $82 in total after discount, which is about $27/person. It's definitely worth your money! (: Do give it a try!

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