Thursday, September 24

Instant Noodles

I've always felt somewhat uneasy about the fact that I can't cook proper food. "Proper", to me, means anything that's non-instant. Unlike my parents who are reasonably good cooks, I am a complete novice in the kitchen (okay, even novice is stretching it a bit because I hardly ever cook anything). Like one of my sisters, I can only cook instant food but unlike her, I don't dare to claim that I'm good at cooking instant food!

One thing that I know I can cook pretty well though, is instant noodles. I know instant noodles are unhealthy and should not be eaten too often but somehow I seem to find pleasure in being able to indulge in a bowl of instant noodles once in a while. My siblings and I have tried quite a number of brands of instant noodles and I think we've come to an agreement that Myojo's Chicken Abalone instant mee is one of the nicer tasting flavours around. In fact, it's so nice that I seem to only eat this flavour!

Anyhow, here are some photos of my instant noodles:

I love to add mixed vegetables to my noodles because I like my food to be colourful =) The mixed vegetables go well with the soup too so there's no clash of flavour. I always add pepper to my noodles because I like the peppery taste (even though too much pepper makes my face perspire a little at times).

In contrast, Jeffrey likes his noodles plain. He hates mixing anything (apart from an egg) with his instant noodles so I cooked him a less colourful version of my instant noodles! (: I usually don't add any pepper to his because I know that he'll probably not be able to take the spiciness. Heh.

Apart from instant noodles, I can only cook/ prepare simple dishes such as sandwiches! I really should start learning how to cook some day... but till that day comes, I will make do with my yummy instant food.

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