Monday, September 28

Crystal Jade Restaurant

Last weekend, my family and I decided to avoid town area because of F1 and went to Crystal Jade Restaurant at Changi Airport Terminal 2 for dinner.Upon reaching the restaurant, we were told to wait for 5-10minutes despite making a reservation because the person in charge of table seating actually gave our table away to another family because she got our names mixed up =S Thankfully, the wait wasn't too painful and we were quickly ushered to table once it was ready.

This particular Crystal Jade restaurant specialises in Hong Kong cuisine if I'm not wrong. I like the fact that I get to sample slightly different kinds of Chinese food at different Crystal Jade restaurants.
Our pot of sweetened chrysanthemum tea. It was agreed among us that this was probably one of the most aromatic pots of tea that we've had. The right amonunt of sugar was added as well so it wasn't too sweet nor completely bland.

Complimentary dish of mixed peanuts ($2). We had this when we visited the Crystal Jade restaurant at IMM so I'm guessing that this is their standard complimentary dish.

Stirfried long beans with minced pork and baby shrimps ($19.20). The vegetables were a bit over-fried because they weren't crunchy but the other condiments helped to 'save' this dish because it still managed to carry off a rather flavourful taste.

BBQ Twin meat - Slices of roast duck and roast pork (hidden from view) ($28.20). These yummy slices of goodness were quickly ingested by my family members so I suppose they are pretty goood (: Gumtoo commented that the duck tasted very nice so I guess it'll be wise and nice to order this again in future.

Deep-fried fish fillet slices sprinkled with salt and spices ($29.25). I loved this dish a lot because I thought the dish was very well done. The soft, juicy and white fish meat was a contrast to the crispy and savory fried batter. It was a great change from the usual sweet & sour fish slices! We'd no regrets ordering this.

Crispy Beancurd Roll ($12) . This was probably the most unappetizing dish. Not only were the beancurd rolls over-fried, the insides were completely dry too =(

Prawn covered with salted eggyolk and pine seed ($39). In Papa's words, the salted eggyolk paste is the "in" sauce right now. It's creamy, slightly salty and it delivers a very strong punch to your gustatory sense. I'm not too sure how to describe the taste of this wonderful concoction, you just have to try it for yourself =)

Deep fried prawn dumpling with salad sauce ($14.85). This dish was pretty alright. The prawns were big and succulent but I felt that the dumpling skin were a bit too hard (probably because they were overfried?). Perhaps the cooks used high heat to cook most of their dishes that night so as to overcome the high traffic of food orders, which explains why most of our dishes were over-fried that night.

Gluttinous balls with sesame filling ($4.50). It was a pity that they couldn't serve these gluttinous balls in the ah-boh-ling/ tangyuan style. Thankfully, these little balls were warm and tasty (: I especially liked how the sesame filling oozes out after I sink my teeth into the soft gluttinous covering. Yumyum.

Last but not least, a cup of cold and refreshing Chestnut creame with pomelo ($4). If you want something light and sweet to end off your meal, this dessert is your answer. It's not as filling as the usual durian or mango pudding so you don't have to worry about not being able to finish it.

Apart from the relatively slow service (due to the restaurant being extremely packed that night) and the overfried food, I think our dining experience there was generally alright. It's definitely doesn't have the wow-factor but it's a decent place nevertheless (:

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