Friday, September 4

Haagen Dazs Ice-cream Cake

My family members and I celebrated gumtoo aka my mum's birthday tonight with a small but extremely expensive cake from Haagen Dazs!
This small chocolate ice-cream cake costs $96! My goodness. It's THE most expensive birthday/ ice-cream cake that any of us has ever eaten in our lives! We were supposed to meet the both of them at Vivo City's Haagen Dazs outlet for a family celebration over haagen dazs fondue but because of bad traffic (PIE was closed for some strange reason =S), they decided to buy a cake home instead lest we arrive after Haagen Dazs' closing time. Since the only other ice-cream cake that we've tried prior to tonight was Swensens ice-cream cake, which only costs about $30+, both Papa and gumtoo didn't bother checking out the prices of Haagen Dazs' ice-cream cakes before purchasing one! In short, they received a shock when it was payment time because they never expected a little harmless cake to cost so much! However, since it's gumtoo's birthday, Papa willingly bought the cake for all of us to share (:
The entire cake was made of chocolate ice-cream and it was nothing short of divine. I've always been a fan of Haagen Dazs icecream because the quality of icecream, in my opinion, is really top notch. It's hard to find other icecream with similar quality. I greedily ate two huge slices of cake after cake-cutting session.

Happy birthday gumtoo! (: I hope you enjoyed your buffet dinner at Carnivore with LPP and that you'd a pleasant cut-cake session with all of us! (: We love you!

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