Sunday, September 6

Peach Garden

Yesterday, we celebrated gumtoo's birthday at Peach Garden Chinese Restaurant. Since Papa already brought her out for a buffet dinner the night before, we decided to pool our resources together to treat Gumtoo and the rest of the family to a nice dinner at Peach Garden Chinese Restaurant =) There are four Peach Garden outlets but we decided to go to the one at OCBC building because we expected it to have the most parking lots (gumtoo requested to dine at somewhere with parking lots so that we won't have to waste time searching for lots) and also because it promised a nice view.

Due to security reasons, only people who are dining at Peach Garden can access the lift to the 33rd story of OCBC building. We took a speedy lift up to the 33rd storey and suffered temporary ear blocks! Very soon, we reached the entrancec of Peach Garden (:

Initially, we were seated at this huge round table which was supposedly can sit more than 10 people. Gumtoo and Papa felt that the table was too big and requested a smaller one so that we didn't have to sit so far from one another. I didn't really look through the menu thoroughly because we managed to order most of our dishes with the help of the lady serving us.

Plate of prawn crackers ($3). I think most of my family members were feeling quite hungry that night because the crackers and peanuts disappeared very quickly! My brother requested for another plate of prawn crackers so we'd two in total.

1/2 Roasted Peking Duck ($32). One of my sisters commented that the duck sauce was extremely well done because it didn't have the usual grainy taste. On the whole, everyone liked their crispy duck-skin crepe =)
Unlike most restaurants that cook the remaining duck meat, the people at Peach Garden prefer chopping the duck up into sizeable pieces because they feel that the duck meat is nice even when eaten on its own. True enough, everyone liked the duck and felt that it contained just enough flavour. The sour plum sauce and their specially blended sweet sauce complemented the tender duck meat exceedingly well. A great first dish to have!

Double-boiled soup of the day ($6). Because the lady who took our orders highly recommended their pig bone soup, Papa decided to order three bowls for everyone to share. We loved the peppery taste as well as its rich flavour. There were beancurd skin, ginko nuts and some meat in it. Thankfully we didn't order a bowl each otherwise we'd be too full to eat the rest of the yummy food.

Stir-fried french bean with minced pork bits ($27). The french beans were crunchy but they lacked saltiness. The crispy crackers were an interesting touch to this otherwise normal dish.

Sweet and sour fish slices ($27). This is THE BEST sweet and sour fish dish that I've ever eaten to date! (: The outer layer of the fish was fried to perfection and the fish meat was unbelievably fresh! I couldn't stop praising this dish! In addition, this particular sweet and sour dish and enough sourness to give us a good 'kick'. Every mouthful contained a burst of flavour and goodness! It's definitely a MUST-TRY! (:

Steamed live prawns ($64). Initially, I wasn't too keen on eating prawns because it requires a lot of skill (in my opinion) to deshell a prawn without using any hands but since Papa wanted to have prawns, we ordered them anyway! Thankfully, the skillful waitresses at Peach Garden offered to deshell our prawns for us before serving them! =) Each of us had around 3 deshelled prawns each! Amazing! The prawns were locked with freshness and the prawn meat was extremely sweet! I loved dipping my prawns into the saucer of soya sauce shown above because they gave the prawns an extra hint of saltiness. The deshelled prawns looked so good that even my brother, who's an extremely fussy eater, decided to try a prawn! We were very happy that he was willing to try something new (:

Home-made beancurd with spinach, mushrooms and scallop ($48). The beancurd pieces reminded us of the ones that were served at Restoran Pekin. Each beancurd is covered with a layer of moss-looking thing and its main body is made up of egg tofu. I liked this dish a lot because I felt that the gravy wasn't too viscous and it had just the right amount of saltiness. The spinach was very fresh and they weren't overcooked either. They were very generous with the spinach so if you're a vegetable lover, this dish is perfect for you =)

Baked spare ribs with BBQ sauce ($42). This dish took the longest prepartion and cooking time but thankfully, the quality of this dish justified the long waiting time. The meat was extremely soft and tender, probably because of the baking process. Papa commented that the ribs didn't have as much flavour as he thought they would have but on the whole, this dish was a hit because every single piece was eaten despite everyone being very full! Perhaps, like Papa said, they really saved the best dish for the last =)

In all, our choice of restaurant was spot on because gumtoo said that the style of cooking at Peach Garden Chinese Restaurant suited her taste =) I'm glad we enjoyed celebrating her birthday together over a hearty meal! Happy birthday, gumtoo!

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