Saturday, September 26


Because two of my sisters are having their midsem break and because we wanted to have some sister-bonding time together, the three of us made a lunch date on Friday! =) One of my sisters heard about a new all-day-breakfast place that just opened on 20th September and we decided to give it a try!Hatched is located at 26 Evans Road, which is just opposite MOE's CCAB/ the track that's next to NUS Law faculty.

Hatched is a cosy little place that sits about 2o-30 people at most. I was quite thankful that I called to make a reservation (despite my sister saying that it's not necessary) because the place was half filled when we reached there around 12ish on Friday.

There's a huge blackboard-wall which the people at Hatched use to write their promotional & special items.

A bar counter for customers who prefer sitting on high stools or who can't get a table.

My sisters were extremely intrigued by their black aircons! (: I think installing black aircons is quite a good idea because white aircons tend to look dirty after a while.

Their Menu aka Catalogue of Eggs. I'm sorry I don't know why the photo is tilted this way though I've already changed the alignment. Hopefully you can still see it without much trouble!

Croque Madame ($14). Panini bread with ham and cheese covered with a sunshine egg, greens by the side and mashed potato with mushroom sauce. My sister chose this probably because it was (to her at least) the most "worth it" since it contains some meat. I think this is probably the most filling dish out of the four that we ordered so if you're really hungry, please order this otherwise you may not be full!

My sister commented that this particular forkful of her sandwich looks extremely yummy so we took a shot of it (:

The (Veggie) Melt ($8). Caramelised onions, capsicum slices, avocado and melted cheese sitting on top of half a muffin, greens on the side and a clump of mashed potato with mushroom sauce. It was an extremely interesting experience eating so much avocado at one go! Miraculously, the entire veggie melt tasted pretty wholesome because of a mix&match of different flavours. I think they should provide a full muffin instead of half a muffin so that there will be more muffin to eat with the mixed "patty".

Papillote ($12). A slice of plain toast, eggs wrapped with smoked salmon, tomato with pesto sauce and olive oil, caramelised onions and potatoes. My sister liked her potatoes but claimed that the rest of the dish was "okay only".

Pancake Party ($10). We chose to have caramelised apples with our pancakes instead of bananas or strawberries. The pancakes were fluffy but they were pretty starchy. Personally, I'm alright with non-light&fluffy pancakes so these tasted pretty okay to me. My sister, who prefers light & fluffy pancakes, didn't take a liking to them. The most interesting aspect of this dish is the white vanilla/ cream sauce thingy in the little cup. I guess that's their replacement for butter and it tastes pretty nice. The vanilla/ cream sauce and maple syrup give the pancakes just enough sweetness and it's perfect for those who don't like overly sweet stuff.

On the whole, Hatched serves pretty decent breakfast sets at reasonable prices (: Although none of the dishes that we tried is particularly spectacular, I think they're definitely good enough to satisfy one's craving for an eggy breakfast set as well as perk one up for the day ahead! Please remember to make a reservation if you're afraid of not getting a table!
Alright that's all for now (: have a great Sunday everyone!

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