Friday, September 4

Riders Cafe

Good morning (:

On some days (like today), I wake up feeling like I want a good, hearty breakfast. Although I can easily walk across the street to buy one of the seven yummy Macdonalds breakfast sets to satisfy my craving for a nice breakfast set, sometimes the greedy me wishes for something more.

A few months ago, Jeffrey and I went to Riders Cafe, which is situated along Eng Neo Road, for a late breakfast. After having heard many great reviews of this place, we weren't expecting anything less than a satisfying breakfast!

Riders Cafe. It's situated in an old colonial-style, non-airconditioned house. Despite the almost unbearable outdoor heat, the indoor dining area of Riders Cafe remained pretty cool probably because of good ventilation.

The interior of Riders Cafe. If you were to be seated on the verandah overlooking the vast green grass patch, you may be able to see some horses walking or running about! =) It's rare to see horses walking about 'freely' in Singapore other than in the zoo or the turf club. Kids will love going to Riders Cafe because of the good food and they probably will be fascinated by the "dining with the horses" kind of experience.

Pancakes with jam, maple syrup, whipped cream and butter. The problem with going to a place like Riders Cafe for breakfast is that there are too many choices! Every single breakfast item looks enticing and I feel like I wanted to try everything! =( Unfortunately, I'd to decide on ONE item & I chose to have pancakes. What I liked about the pancakes were that they were soft, warm and not too doughy. I dislike pancakes that are either too fluffy or too thick so I think these were just right for breakfast.

Riders Burger. Apart from being a katsudon connoisseur, I think Jeffrey's slowly budding into a burger taster cum reviewer because he usually orders the restaurant's special burger when we dine at Western food places. I secretly love that he orders a 'house' burger whenever we try a new Western restaurant becuase we can compare it to the other burgers that he had previously tried. The Riders Burger contained a chockful of flavours! The combined taste of mushrooms, bacon slices, melted cheese and succulent beef patty was so wonderful that he kept saying "this is very good...". The thick slices of fries suited my taste because I love thick and straight-cut fries! =)

Warm chocolate cake with one scoop of vanilla icecream. This dessert is a MUST TRY for dessert lovers as well as chocolate lovers! Some people opined that the chocolate cake is too rich but I beg to differ because when it comes to chocolate dessert, the richer the taste, the better it is for me! =) It was true indulgence and it actually outshines NYDC's Elmers Fudge(p.s. I really like Elmers Fudge)! It's an intoxicatingly good dessert and everyone should try it for spoonfuls of happiness =)
We'll certainly go back there again for breakfast/ brunch/ lunch! (: I'm not sure whether Riders Cafe serves dinner but I'm sure you can call them up to check that out if you're keen on going there for dinner. Alright that's all for now, have a great Friday everyone! (:

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