Friday, September 17


The past two days have made me understood more clearly what a 'hectic' school life is like. One of my friends in school commented that I was walking much faster than usual today (which says a lot because I like to walk slowly)! Anyhow, I'm pretty glad that the work week is coming to an end SOON! (: Just have to hang in there for a while longer and I can submit myself fully to the unmarked scripts that have to be done by this weekend. But no matter how busy I am, I will NOT make a pass on comfort food! (:

Let me introduce you to CMPB: a relatively new and popular restaurant, located at Dempsey area, that offers soul-soothing brunches/ lunches. It's a great place to chill out during the weekend because of the relaxed ambience inside the restaurant. If you prefer a more natural setting, you can of course opt to sit outside.

I think I've said this many times before but I shall repeat it once more: we tend to sit indoors no matter how glorious the weather is because Jeffrey can't take heat well and I tend to bitten by mosquitoes. As such, it makes more sense for both of us to opt to sit indoors though sometimes I really wish I weren't so mosquito-friendly because the weather on some days is simply perfect for outdoor dining!

As I'm more fond of breakfast dishes, I tend to order them whenever we dine at places that serves breakfast/ brunch/ lunch. At CMPB, I chose to have their Eggs on Request ($20), which consists of some rocket salad, a grilled sausage, scrambled eggs, bacon slices, sauteed mushrooms and two slices of toast. Though it wasn't over-the-top good, it was still one of the more comforting breakfast dishes that I've eaten (:

Jeffrey went for their salmon pizza ($22), which had suprisingly crack-y edges! Somehow, the middle portion of the pizza base wasn't crack-y and biscuit-y even though it was very thin. I'm not complaining because I absolutely dislike biscuit-textured pizzas. If you're a smoked salmon lover, I'd highly recommend this dish because they gave generous toppings of salmon!

We had the Malva Pudding ($12) for dessert. It's essentially a type of warm cake with a scoop of icecream. Till today, I've only had two malva puddings in my life and both taste quite different so I'm not sure which is more 'authentic'. Thankfully, authenticity doesn't bother me as much as whether a dish tastes good and this dessert definitely gained clearance from me in the taste department! (: Loved it! Wish I could have more!

Am looking forward to yet another good meal this weekend! (: Will press on and hang in there! You too! TGIF! (:

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