Monday, September 20

La Fondue

I've not been able to fall asleep for the past two Sundays and I'm wondering what it is that's keeping me up. I hate the feeling of being too tired to do any more work yet not being able to fall asleep; it's like being trapped in some sort of twilight zone and it makes me wish something or someone would just give me that little push so that I can be on my way to dream land.

I shall attempt to write a coherent entry on La Fondue before sending myself off to bed for some much needed shut-eye. Not too long ago, Jeffrey and I went to La Fondue at Dempsey for an unforgettable fondue experience.

Prior to my visit to La Fondue, the only fondue that I've ever had was chocolate fondue, which is generally a 'sweet' fondue. I have heard of meat with cheese fondue before but I've never been adventurous enough to give it a go, because frankly, I can't imagine having savoury fondue! How weird would that taste! Frankly, I'd only agreed to go to La Fondue because Jeffrey said that there was the usual Western dishes like pasta so I knew that there were safe back-up options in case I chickened out. We reached the relatively secluded La Fondue in the middle of the day and were surprised to find that we were the only diners at the restaurant! This might not be such a bad thing because Jeffrey and I were noobs when it comes to Fondue-dipping so it's good to be able to try something new without having to worry if we're doing something drastically wrong (but really, fondue-dipping is easypeasy!).

We ordered their traditional caesar salad ($10) to share. It wasn't fantastic but it provided us with sufficient greens to convince ourselves that the vegetable portion of our meal was taken care of.

For mains, we ordered the Four Cheese 'La Fondue' Special ($42), which came with a bowl of well-cut bread pieces for dipping. The melted cheese was absolutely thick and creamy and it tastes very rich! I am positive that no one can finish this entire pot of cheese on his/ her own because I reckon you'll get sick of the taste after a while! Nevertheless, it was a good first experience having savoury fondue.

Apart from the bowl of mini bread pieces, the pot of cheese also came with a plate of colourful vegetables which we can coat with a luxurious layer of cheese as well! (: This was yummy!

Plate with variety of sauces for the grilled cajun-salmon slices (see next photo).

We also ordered a plate of cajun-seasoned salmon ($38) which we were supposed to grill and eat! The slices of salmon were pretty small but they were sufficient for both of us that day since we already had loads of cheese fondue to start!

Our salmon slices being grilled! (:

Finally, it was time for dessert! To be frank, it was THE DISH that I'd been waiting eagerly for throughout the entire meal! (: We settled for the Fondue Platter ($25), which consists of

2 scoops of vanilla ice-cream,

assorted fruits (green apple, kiwi, orange, strawberry), brownie bits, marshmellows & of course, our pot of warm chocolate (far right of photo). I think the quality of their chocolate is comparable to Max Brenner's and I loved it so much that I kept coating the various condiments with LOTS of chocolate! It's really a must-try for chocolate fondue lovers!

In short, my trip to La Fondue was surprisingly good and I am glad that I no longer am a stranger to cheese fondue! Personally, I still prefer having sweet to savoury fondue but the liking for the latter may take time to acquire. Will go back again if and when I feel like slathering my tastebuds with warm, rich and creamy cheese/ chocolate!

Alright that's all for now. Time to hit the sack! Have a great week ahead everyone (:

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