Thursday, September 9

Everything with Fries

Good morning (:

I just had breakfast and decided that I'd like to put up a post before showering and meeting some friends for a very unconventional meet-up! Looking forward to it because I've never had that kind of meet-up before! We're hoping that it'll turn out to be a productive session! =)

Coincidentally, I'm going to blog about the food that the people whom I'm going to meet later absolutely adore! =P If you know me, you'll know that I hardly restrict myself from having junk food (fast food included) so when a good friend suggested meeting for lunch at Everything with Fries, I immediately said yes! (:

Being west-ies, we decided to meet at the Holland Village outlet instead of going all the way to Joo Chiat! Everything with Fries at Holland Village is situated opposite the famous Wala-wala, next to Breko!

We met pretty early in the afternoon (around 1230) so the restaurant was pretty empty then. We got ourselves a table and started ordering our food!

Before I go on, I need to say that there are at least TWO good things about Everything with Fries: prices are very affordable plus, the portions are relatively big! (: (: (: Their mains come with a choice of fries and coleslaw/ a small portion of caesar salad, so I would highly recommend getting a main each so that you'll get a variety of food to try! (:

This is the small portion of caesar salad that came with my main (next photo).

That day, I opted for creamy salmon in a cup with salt and vinegar fries ($11.90). The soup was very rich and creamy and there were hidden bits of salmon inside, a perfect dish for someone who loves cream based soup. Their salt and vinegar fries were a complete let down because they were too salty! I'm usually not fussy with salted fries (and I actually think that the saltiness of Macdonalds fries are just right) but this was WAY too salty! T'was a pity.

My friend ordered grilled ham and cheese sandwich ($8.90) and because she didn't want veggies, the people at Everything at Fries kindly allowed her to choose a second flavour of fries in replacement! She had a portion of curry fries as well as one portion of sour cream and onion fries. On the whole, her sandwich was good and her fries were MUCH better than mine! Admittedly, the curry powder on the curry fries was a little overpowering but even then it was still better than the salt and vinegar fries! The sour cream and onion fries were good! (:

Jeffrey went for spaghetti bolognese ($10.90) with

coleslaw and original fries. The spaghetti was average but the original fries were mindblowingly awesome! =) I think everyone should try their original fries because they beat the others hands down! They taste like cajun fries, which are absolutely delectable in my opinion.

Frankly speaking, we were pretty stuffed by the end of our mains but we couldn't bear to leave till we've had some dessert!

We ordered their famous nutella tart ($4.90) to share. While it tasted nice, we felt that it wasn't as "nutella-y" as we expected it to be! It felt like we were eating a slice of chocolate cake instead. Nevertheless, it's a cheap and good dessert that will definitely give you the much needed dessert fix!

Because we'd already ordered something nutella-y, we gave the nutella mille crepe ($5.90) a miss, for fear of having nutella overload but this is how it looks like!

Instead, we opted for the vanilla mille crepe ($5.90) and it proved to be a wise choice because we LOVED it! (: the layers of crepe were so fine and the creme in between the layers was fresh and well-blended. I did a little jiggle in my head with each bite because it made me THAT happy! (: Loved it! Will definitely go back for more!

Finally, we had their warm banana butterscotch pudding with vanilla icecream ($5.90), which was also stunningly good because the flavours from the two items married well! I think I've a soft spot for warm cakes/ puddings with a scoop of icecream so this sat very well with me (: If you like something warm, then this is definitely the dessert for you!

I really enjoyed my visit to Everything with Fries and I foresee myself going back for more cheap and good food! (: Have a happy Thursday everyone! (:


  1. fyi, the person who opened this franchise was from NJ

  2. ooh that's nice to know! thanks for feeding this bit of info! (: