Wednesday, September 22



We're past the halfway mark for this week so I'm feeling slightly more relaxed. Tomorrow's another busy day ahead but I'm sure I'll manage somehow (:

The weather's been great since it started raining around 245pm this afternoon - I love the coolness of the night after half a day of rain. It's the best weather for sleeping, which is something I'll do immediately after I finish this post on Spizza!

My family went to Spizza a while ago to try their rather well-known thin crust pizzas. It was a Saturday night and Spizza was pretty crowded. I've come to realise the importance of making reservations, especially when dining in large numbers and more so if we're dining as a big group on a weekend: making a reservation will definitely cut down wait-time! From now on, I'll do my best to make reservations whenever possible so that I can reduce the chances of my growing agitated at the long wait time!

As usual, we chose to sit indoors because we're not particularly fond of alfresco dining, unless the weather's gorgeous. Since it was a humid night, indoors seating was a much preferred option for us.

Surprisingly, we managed to place our orders quite quickly despite being bombarded with a multitude of choices!

Jeff, my little brother, ordered a kids meal ($8.80), which consists of a small Hawaiian pizza as well as a cup of coke. Jeff liked his pizza and ate the entire thing! Actually it's not surprising because he can REALLY eat when he's hungry and boy was he famished that day.

The rest of us shared the following three dishes because we weren't feeling particularly hungry:

A plate of caesar salad ($11), which was pretty average. Honestly I'd expected a slightly larger portion but I guess we made do with this!

Spaghetti Aglio Olio ($16), which was extremely spicy! I realise my stomach reacts very violently towards overly spicy things. Not only do I feel like my stomach lining is irritated and that my entire stomach is on fire, I also feel as if I'm experiencing major indigestion =S I guess the main lesson learnt is that I should try not to irritate my stomach that much if possible. Must exercise some restraint!

Gina Pizza ($17), was basically tomato-based pizza topped with olives, anchovies, capers and mozarella cheese. Gumtoo complained this pizza was too salty for her liking but the rest of us were fine with it (:

The other pizza that we ordered was called Ursula ($21), which is essentially smoked salmon pizza with spinach and capers placed on it. Although I'm a spinach lover, I would have preferred it if this particular pizza didn't have spinach because I didn't think it went well with the rest of the pizza. Other than that, the pizza was generally okay.

In short, Spizza is a family-friendly restaurant that serves decent Italian food. I wouldn't go so far as to say that they serve fantastic pizzas or pastas. Nevertheless, it's definitely a place that you would want to go to if you are keen on trying their various special pizza concoctions! =)

Alright that's all for now. Have a good Thursday ahead! (:

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