Tuesday, September 7

Kim's Family Food

Hello (:

I'm thoroughly exhausted from the long day! Since my tired brain can't process any more work-related things, I shall blog to destress before I hit the sack!

Not too long ago, my family members and I went to Kim's Family Food at Lorong Kilat, which is somewhere opposite Beauty World, for family dinner. One of my sisters have been to Kim's and she said that the Korean food served there is not bad so we decided to give it a try. We felt thankful that we remembered to make a reservation because we saw the usual snaking queue outside Kim's upon arrival. Unless you do not mind queueing for a table, it's highly recommended that you make a reservation because Kim's seems to be a reputable and popular restaurant.

The interior of Kim's is nothing fancy: functional tables and chairs are placed neatly and strategically so as to maximise seating capacity. The atmosphere is lively and the entire restaurant is filled with constant chatter so it feels like being at a semi-foodcourt sans the people waiting for tables standing about.

We perused the menu and, with the help of a friendly waitress, placed our orders rather promptly. Till then, we had never had Korean food as a family so we were quite excited to try dishes from the land of kimchi together!

While waiting for our food, we were served many little plates of complimentary side dishes! (: Each small dish contained condiments that Koreans usually mix with their rice or use to complement their food. We really enjoyed treating our tastebuds to the contrasting flavours of the different dishes!

Before long, an empty grill sitting atop a gas canister was brought to our table and we were wondering whether we were expected to know how to work this mechanism! Thankfully, the kind waiter/ waitress helped us start the fire and guided us with the cooking of our slices of boneless beef ($22).

First you place the uncooked marinated beef slices on the surface of the griller.

Then you wait a while before flipping the slices over with the help of a small thong.

And finally, when the beef slices are cooked, you can lift them off the grill and eat them! =) Because these beef slices are rather thin, cooking time is minimized and so you don't have to wait too long to savour these slices of goodness! =) Those at the table who tried the beef sang praises so I think it's a good dish to order!

In stark contrast to the beef dish, this bowl of ginseng herbal chicken soup ($17) was a complete disappointment. The soup tasted like plain water! Even the chicken meat in the soup was completely tasteless =S I think we will skip this item in future.

This dish was well-loved by all. It's called Seafood Pancake ($10) but it tastes like the Korean version of the Chinese spring onion pancake/ Chinese 'roti prata' (talk about fusion food!). This is a perfect non-spicy dish to order because it does not taste threatening in any way so I'm pretty sure that most people will be able to appreciate this dish.

The famous Korean stir-fried rice cakes ($6), which were not as spicy as they look! I think it's because the rice cakes were pretty thick and the sauce couldn't penetrate the surface of the rice cakes hence they weren't soaked with kimchi sauce! The sauce wasn't as strong as I expected so I didn't think this dish was spectacular.

In my opinion, the best dish I'd that night was the hot stone pot rice ($10), which is essentially white rice, various types of vegetables, some mushroom and an egg served in a hot stone bowl. I know the bowl looks nice with all the compartmentalized colours but to get a nice warm bowl of yummy korean-style rice, you have to mix the contents of bowl and you need to mix the contents well! After which, treat yourself to a taste of unique korean mixed rice!

If you're a person who needs to have plain rice to go with all the different dishes on the table, you can always order a (metallic) bowl of plain white rice ($2) or

some ramen ($8). Disclaimer: This bowl of ramen looks pathetically plain because my picky brother refuses to eat their normal meat ramen and insisted that he wanted PLAIN noodles so he was served instant noodles that were not flavoured. Don't worry, I guarantee that your bowl of ramen will NOT turn out looking like this if you go for their normal ramen dishes!

Unfortunately, there weren't any signature korean desserts for us to try but the kind people at Kim's actually served us complimentary watermelon after our dinner. We weren't too disappointed about Kim's not having desserts because this gave us reason to troop over to Udders for some really good icecream!

On the whole, I would say that our first experience having Korean food at Kim's was a huge success and I'm quite sure everyone's more receptive towards having Korean food now! (:

Alright, that's all for now! (: Time for bed. Have a good week ahead everyone! (:

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