Friday, September 3


One of the things that I absolutely love about Fridays is that I can meet friends without feeling stress because there's no school the next day (: One Friday not too long ago, the three of us decided to meet up at Pierside for dinner! We've been to Pierside for their weekend brunch before and it wasn't too bad so we decided to give their dinner menu a go.

It was a good thing that my friend made a reservation because the restaurant was full when we arrived! I guess 8pm is considered prime time on Friday nights because service was almost unbearly slow that night! We waited 30minutes for each course to arrive so we took nearly 2hours to finish our three course dinner! You honestly have to be VERY patient when you visit Pierside at peak hour, otherwise you'll just end up being very annoyed.

For starters, we shared a waldolf salad ($22), which was pretty interesting because of the unusual mixture of both sweetness (from the raisins) and saltiness (from the different types of cheese). The vegetables were reasonably fresh so this was a good dish to kickstart our meal. The only problem was that the next dish took 30 minutes to arrive! =( I wish the interval between each course can be cut down.

I ordered their spinach pasta ($24) which, in my opinion, was unexpectedly good! I loved the springyness of the pasta and the burst of flavours in my mouth. The entire dish was very flavourful and I liked how the tastes of the different condiments blended together to give an overall satisfying taste!

My friend chose to have the most interesting dish on the menu, which is the 300day beef steak ($35), and it turned out to fabulous! (: I think beef lovers should definitely try this dish because you'll most probably enjoy it!

Jeffrey decided to go for the salmon steak ($32), which was came in a really small in portion but was accompanied by nice decoration! The salmon was well-cooked: tender meat on the inside with a flavourful body on the outside. It's a pity that the portion was so small, otherwise Jeffrey's salmon bliss would have lasted longer.

Finally, we ordered three desserts (from top in clockwise direction): peanut butter mousse with icecream($15), souffle ($15) and chocolate fondant with icecream ($15) to share. We didn't expect the three desserts to be arranged so nicely on a big plate so we were pleasantly surprised by the immaculate dressing of these desserts. The desserts were good but I wouldn't say that they're the best that I've tasted. Nevertheless, they provided a sweet ending to our trip to Pierside!

In short, I think it's advisable to avoid Pierside during peak hours, when you're extremely hungry or if you're exceedingly impatient. Other than that, the ambience is nice and the food's relatifely good so it's makes a good date- venu.

Alright that's all for now! (: Have a good weekened ahead everyone! (:

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