Thursday, September 23

Max Brenner Chocolate Bar

Words fail me today; the weather outside at this very point in time reflects my mood. At moments like this, there's only one thing that can bring a tiny bit of comfort.

This place came to mind while I was searching for something to remind myself that there are things that exist in this world that have the magical ability to make me feel like everything's alright, even if it's for a short while.

And that fact that these things aren't actually intoxicating vapour that can't be seen, touched, held but are tangible, reliable, every-ready to do their job is somewhat comforting. The only thing that separates me from my panacea is my willingness to get out and go the distance in the rain.

Warm chocolate fondue ($20) with a whole platter of little bites for dipping. The chocolate at Max Brenner is so good, it makes me feel like drinking the entire dish.

For that extra boost of endorphins, the warm chocolate souffle with vanilla ice-cream ($16) is highly recommended. Finish the entire platter on your own and you may feel like you are able to take on new challenges that come your way. Alternatively, you may feel so sick that
you feel like puking.
Max Brenner Chocolate Bar is a healing spring, a perfect pit stop for the worn and weary, a chocolate lover's heaven on earth. Chocolate, my mana, my love, my strength.

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