Saturday, June 30

High Tea at Peninsular Hotel

Hello everyone,

school has officially started so it'll be a little more trying to update this space but I will definitely do my best since I enjoy keeping a record of the nice foodie places that I've been to.

I think this will be my second last post on HK because I think the rest are pretty average/ slightly above average so I will not blog about them (:

Today's post will be on the famous high tea at Peninsular Hotel, Hong Kong. It's possibly HK's most renowned high tea place and if you have the luxury of time to queue for a table, you definitely should visit this place!

The building retains the old colonial/ British structure and it stands quite stoutly amongst other well-known hotels in that area (:

The high tea officially starts at 2pm but people start queueing as early as 1.15pm! This photo was taken when I was in the queue around 1.45pm. The diners who were still seated were there before high tea (possibly brunch-ers or lunch-ers) so we had to wait for some of them to be done with their meals before we could sit down too!

Thankfully, we didn't have to wait too long for our table as we were seated around 2.20pm (: The lighting's pretty dim because the ceilings were quite high but I guess that adds to the homely ambience.

A warm cup of cappuccino to begin! (:

My sisters are going to roll their eyes when they see this but I spotted bread & butter pudding on the menu and could not resist ordering it! (: hahaha It was tres bonne! Delightfully warm and well-made!

We also chose to have the high tea set for two and it was very filling! I think three tiered high tea sets are deceptively small because it actually takes quite a bit of effort to polish off everything on the three tiers! Maybe the long conversation also helped to make us feel fuller faster since we tend to take our time to eat the individual items instead of tucking in and finishing a course. The high tea food was pretty good and I think the item that left the fondest impression on me is the bread & butter pudding. haha

Sprite to end the meal! (: They serve it in cute little green bottles (:

I do miss HK and all the activities that I did there but I comfort myself with thoughts of the next adventure! (:

Alright that's all for now. Time to head out! Have a great weekend everyone! (:

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