Tuesday, February 2

Al Dente Trattoria

Last Friday, Jeffrey and I met up with our common friend, Eugene, for dinner cum my belated birthday celebration at Al Dente Trattoria, which is an Italian restaurant at Holland Village.

As it was a Friday night, the restaurant was pretty crowded but thankfully, we were able to secure a table without having to wait too long.

Eugene ordered spinach ravioli ($22), which he commented was pretty okay except that the portion wasn't as big as he expected it to be. I guess the dish would have been more filling if the tomato base was substituted with cream sauce.

Jeffrey had his usual carbonara spaghetti ($18), which looked pretty decent to me. Personally, I feel that carbonara is the safest dish amongst all the pasta/ spaghetti dishes because it can never go too wrong (unless the cream sauce turns out to be disgustingly thick or pathetically watery).
I chose to have one of their recommended items - spaghetti arragosta ($28) - which was spaghetti with mushrooms, crab meat and zucchini served with light cream sauce. I was very pleased with my dish because it was much better than I'd expected (:

As Eugene and Jeffrey weren't full after having their spaghetti, they shared a $10 promotional haiwaiian pizza! =) The pizza's slightly smaller than usual but it was sufficient for them to 'top up' their hungry tummies after a long day of work.

After filling our tummies, we stayed at the restaurant for about another hour to chat and catch up with each other. It was nice being able to chill and hang out at such a casual dining place on a Friday night. Thanks Eugene for remembering my birthday and treating me to dinner! (:

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