Saturday, February 6

Dim Joy

Hello! (:

Chinese New Year is just around the corner! I can't believe the first month of January flew by so quickly. At present, I'm busy sampling all the lovely CNY goodies that my parents kindly and diligently bring home from wherever they get them from. So far, most of the goodies are pretty up-to-standard so I'm pleased!

Anyway, Jeffrey and I headed to Chinatown area again last week to meet Regina for some dimsum at Dim Joy.
Dim Joy is located at 80 Neil Road. It occupies the corner of a relatively long row of shophouses.

I especially liked their menu because they provided a snapshot of every single dish available! =) As I'm a pretty visual person, I appreciated having photos of dishes to help me decide what to order.

They're pretty into prmoting proper chopsticks skills. If you look closely, you can see that there are instructions on how to hold chopsticks properly printed on the paper chopsticks holder.

Beef brisket with egg noodles ($7.60). This was exceptionally well done! We loved the texture of the egg noodles and the sauce that came with it.

A huge pot of century egg with lean pork congee ($9). The thing I like most about this dish is its presentation. It looks like a tiny witch cauldron! The congee wasn't as flavourful as I expected it to be and it was a tad too runny for my liking. It would be perfect for those who like their porridge to be light and not-so-filling.

King shrimp har gao ($4). Because of its name, I expected the prawns to be larger than usual but they were pretty normal. The overall taste of these har gaos was also average.

Barbecued pork & celery in rice roll ($5). Apart from the wonderful sauce, the rest of the dish was only average.

Shrimp & chive in rice roll ($5). Like the other rice roll dish, this was only average. I think the best rice roll dish that I've tasted so far is Hua Ting's scallops in rice roll.

Panfried radish cake ($3). These pieces were significantly smaller than those served at Crystal Jade but there was a very subtle oomph to this dish that distinguishes it from the other carrot cakes that we've had.

Siew Mai ($3.60). Pretty average so there's nothing much to rave about.

Custard buns ($3). These were a great disappointment. Like many of the other custard buns served in Chinese restaurants, these also contained salted egg yolk but the custard wasn't flowy like the others. Instead, it was pretty hard and it made the entire bun taste artificial =(

Lingan egg tarts ($3.60). These were the highlight of our meal! They tasted so good, we couldn't resist ordering another plate! I suggest ordering two plates at one go because they need more time to prepare this dish since they make it on the spot upon demand. They are served piping hot and everything is perfect (: I've not tasted another egg tart that can beat this, at least not yet.

Mango snow pearl ($5.60). I ended up eating most of this dish because both Regina & Jeffrey disliked them! They're like mochis with sour-ish mango filling. Dim Joy has an extensive dessert menu so I suggest forgoing this option because it's not exactly the ideal choice for people who dislike sour stuff.

In sum, the trip to Dim Joy was fulfilling and all of us felt extremely stuffed by the end of lunch. Thank you Regina for treating us! (: I'll definitely go back for more dim sum in future!

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