Saturday, February 20

Oriole Cafe & Bar

On the second day of CNY, Jieqi, Jeffrey and I made our way down to Oriole Cafe & Bar at Pan Pacific Suites for lunch. We've heard rave reviews of this place so our expectations were high! I was pretty surprised that they were opened on the second day of CNY and that the restaurant was pretty packed.Interestingly, Oriole and Bedrock have animals on their signboards. Not too sure what they symbolise but they make their signboards look nice anyway (:

I love the lights that dangle from the ceiling! Makes the place look spacey =)

Wooden tables & chairs. We managed to get a u-shaped table at the far end of the restaurant that has soft cushiony seats. That set up made it easier for the three of us to converse while eating. We really liked the privacy that we had.

Fish & chips ($15). One of our friends recommended Oriole's fish & chips so we ordered it to try. Unfortunately, Jeffrey found it 'okay' and pretty average. I'm puzzled as to why they would want to stack all their fish & chips into a tiny little basket! It made slicing the fish pretty difficult! Perhaps they would like to invest in larger baskets or just use plates?

Quesadillas ($14). Jieqi decided to try their chicken quesadillas, which is something like pizza-shaped chicken wrap. I think she liked her dish because she managed to finish most of it! =) Glad she finally tried quesadillas after hearing about its existence.

Salmon pasta ($19). Unlike most salmon pastas that serve bits of salmon mixed in with pasta, Oriole serves a slab of well-seasoned, panfried salmon with cream based pasta. I loved how the entire dish was bursting with flavour! (:

The wonderful thing about dining with Jieqi is that she's a dessert lover like me! =) We were so eager to try their desserts that we placed orders for them even before our entire meal had begun. Both of us were elated when we finally ate their desserts because they were fantastic! (: The long wait to dine at Oriole didn't disappoint!

Sticky pudding ($9). The pudding wasn't too dense and it was warm and moist. I love its texture and I think the vanilla icecream complemented it very well.

Chocolate fudge cake with ice cream ($9). This dessert is potent! Definitely NOT for those who dislike chocolate or cannot take the impact of rich and sinful chocolate! The chocolate fudge cake blew our minds away because the chocolate was simply SO good! It helped that the cake was slightly warm because I've come to realise that I love warm chocolate cake with icecream. It's a guranteed happyfying combination for me as long as the cake and icecream aren't too bad!

Oriole Cafe & Bar is a great place for friends to catch up and enjoy good food at the same time. The staff are generally friendly and un-intrusive so you will most likely be able relax and enjoy your meal. However, please try to order your food fast because they tend to get a bit anxious with regard to taking orders. I'll definitely make a trip back to Oriole in the near future to sample more dishes.

Alright that's all for now (: Have a great weekend!


  1. YES the choc cake was FANTASTIC!! :) let's go back for more! hehehe. it's so wonderful to dine with you, we ought to meet regulsrly even during practicum! :)

  2. Yes let's meet during practicum to eat and be happy! (: (: (: Enjoy your last weekend of freedom! =)