Tuesday, February 16

Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner @Sunset Way

I know I'm a little late but HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR everyone! (: (: (: I love festive seasons like CNY and Christmas because of the light & joyous celebratory mood and the copious amount of FOOD! (:

This year, my CNY feasting began last Friday at Sunset Way's Food Park. My parents wanted us to have a meal together before half my family departs for Vietnam for holiday so we ended up at Sunset Way for our annual reunion dinner.

One of the CNY dishes that I absolutely adore is yusheng! (: I've surveyed quite a few of my friends and they told me that the only thing they like about yusheng is the crackers =S I actually like everything about the dish and I look forward to eating it every CNY! (: So far, I've only lo-hei-ed once and I'm looking forward to more! Alright, enough rambling. I shall review the nine-course set CNY set meal that we had that night now!

First up, yu sheng! (: I'm not being biased when I say that sunset way sells one of the best yushengs! My family goes to sunset way every year to buy their packed yushengs home because it's just so good! The ingredients are very fresh and the plum sauce isn't cloyingly sweet. It's really value for money and I highly recommend it! =)

Scallop shark's fin soup. Yeah I know that we should try not to order shark's fin soup because we shouldn't condone animal cruelty but this was one of the rare times that we indulged in this dish. We usually don't order this because it's too expensive and we feel a bit bad for the sharks so I guess it's alright to have this once in a very blue moon.

Braised pork shoulder. The meat was surprisingly soft because it literally slid off the bone when we used the large metal spatula to slice the meat off.

Honey baked prawn. This tasted more like cereal prawns to me but it was good nevertheless. I've a soft spot for cereal-y stuff so anything that has cereal tends to be acceptable to me. The prawns were huge and juicy so prawn lovers should love this.

Steamed fish. The five limmies (my four siblings and myself) dislike eating things with bones so this dish posed a bit of trouble to us. We're lazy eaters who prefer de-boned slices of fish meat but since we'd no choice, we had to exercise caution while eating parts of this fish for fear of ingesting a bone. On the whole, this dish was pretty decent because the fish was fresh.

Abalone seafood. I'm pretty sure my sister, Jade, LOVES this dish because it has slices of abalone. She's a trueblue abalone lover! There's actually an abalone story (which everyone but Jade remembers) to back my claim but it's a tad too long to elaborate here so I shall skip it. Anyhow, this dish was something like mixed seafood stew, which was pretty okay.

Mushroom xiao bai cai. This was probably the only vegetable dish that night and it was merely average.

Braised noodle. I adored this dish because the noodles tasted like wantan mee! I like the springyness of good wantan mee! (: Unfortunately, this dish came a tad too late and everyone was feeling very full so it was mostly untouched. Being the glutton that I am, I ate two full plates because I couldn't resist the nice noodles. Yikes.

Dessert: logan with ice. A simple 'childhood' dish to end the meal.

We were extremely full and bloated at the end of our 2hour long dinner. The entire meal costs $288, which to me is an extremely reasonable price given the amount of food that was served. We liked the food but we wished that there was more wind that night because we felt extremely hot. Other than that, the meal was great! (: More yushengs please!

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  1. Haha, your friends are so funny! Bet that they will like yusheng after trying Sunset Way's! (: Loved the prawns and soup too.

    Side note: Nette just pinched my flab; super painful.