Wednesday, February 10

The Patissier

To make up for the extremely disappointing birthday dinner with my family, LPP & Jeffrey bought me an immensely satisfying chocolate cake from The Patissier! =) My good friend, Kathleen, highy recommended the double chocolate pralines cake, which I placed an order for in the end and I didn't regret choosing that cake! It's probably THE best praline cake that I've tasted thus far. Chocolate lovers, please order this to try! It's REALLY good! =) I'm looking forward to trying other cakes from The Patissier but since their cakes are awfully expensive, I'll only order cakes from them for special occasions! (:


  1. Wow! Looks like a very 'powerful' chocolate cake! :D Let's arrange another makan session!!

    - Jie Qi :)

  2. Hello dear! (: Looking forward to our next makan session! (: