Friday, February 12

The Soup Spoon

I've always had a soft spot for soup. Whenever I crave for soup, I'll think of Mos Burger's corn soup or Sizzler's mushroom soup... at least that's before I discovered The Soup Spoon.

A few months ago, my friend brought me to The Soup Spoon at Raffles City and my liking for soup increased by a few more notches! I wanted to try their famous pumpkin soup but it was out of stock so I settled for their mushroom soup, which was yummy and very filling! Subsequently, I went back to try their pumpkin soup and I was convinced that The Soup Spoon has got to be one of my favourite 'fast food' restaurants in Singapore (:

Last week, Jeffrey and I went to The Soup Spoon at Vivo City to try two new flavours of soup.

We usually opt for their set meal, which consists of a soup, half a sandwich/ wrap and a beverage. He chose to have chicken soup (not captured), which didn't have a creamy base, and half a tuna sandwich and ice lemon tea. Jeffrey commented that he prefers having clear soups to creamy soups, so I guess he made the right choice this time.

As I was feeling exceptionally adventurous that day, I decided to go for their soup bowl with puffy bread! This was the first time I'd a puffy bread soup bowl so I didn't really know how to eat the puff and soup in a non-messy way. Flakes of puff littered my plate and everything became quite messy! =( Nevertheless, I managed to finish my complementary bun as well as the ENTIRE puffy top! Whoohoo. What a delightful meal (:

I wasn't too sure if I could chose their 'normal' soup to fill the soup bowl so I just picked peppery mushroom soup, which was one of the few options that were listed under the puffy soup bowl section. Frankly, I didn't enjoy the peppery mushroom soup as much as their normal mushroom soup because it tasted a tad too fusion for my liking. The broth was thick but it was also semi-clear, so it was somewhat straddling both soup types =S I think I would stick to their 'normal range' of soups in future.

In my opinion, I think The Soup Spoon is definitely an up & coming fast food restaurant that serves quality food at reasonable prices. I'm looking forward to trying more flavours! =)


  1. Ooh, I love soup spoon as well! (: Though it's kinda ex cause I ate the chicken soup with the puffy bread and it was around ten bucks. Extremely filling though as the soup was really creamy and the chunks of chicken were huge! (:

  2. Yeah we should go to soup spoon together soon!

  3. yeah i love this soup. so yummy...the best puff pastry soup ever :)