Tuesday, February 9


Hello! (:

This post will feature the final meal of my week-long birthday feast. To be frank, I was very reluctant to go to Sakura for my birthday meal because I've read terrible reviews about that place but since Gumtoo was very determined to give it a shot, my family went to the Sakura outlet at Clementi Woods to celebrate my birthday.

Sakura was packed with (hungry) diners and the entire restaurant felt like an overcrowded foodcourt. If one were to be positive, one could say that the atmosphere was very lively but personally, I didn't like being enveloped in chaos and noise. Although there was quite a wide variety of food on display, the presentation was an eyesore and it made me very averse to trying certain dishes. Frankly speaking, I think this will by my first and last time visiting Sakura.

Jade, my sister who's usually not very particular with food, made me take this photo to illustrate the lack of quality control. As you can see, the sushi rice has been disproportionately placed and the sushi tasted pretty bland =(

LPP and Gumtoo shared two plates of seafood, which probably wasn't enough to make up for our $26++/pax buffet charge:

Various types of seafood


Satay (which Jade said wasn't properly cooked)

Mixed vegetables, tasteless fried rice, stewed beef (probably the best dish of the night), cold spaghetti

Lots of mixed vegetables

Mixed vegetables, fried spring roll, crab claw, white-noodle soup

More fried rice, pasta, hidden stewed beef and vegetables

Pizza, sushi and a very thin slice of mashed potato (don't ask me why it's not mashed)

Fried spring roll, crab claw, sushi, pizza, potato wedges

Yam paste (which was surprisingly decent)

Egg tart and bread & butter pudding

Bread & butter pudding (probably the worst I've ever tasted)

Pulut Hitam (still passable)

I honestly doubt that I would ever return to Sakura. I hope that Gumtoo is convinced that the food is substandard and that she won't want to go back to Sakura again too. Well, I guess LPP's right in a way when he said "sometimes, you have to taste the bad so that you know how to distinguish and appreciate the good". Enough bad-tasting food this year, bring on the good food please! (:

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