Monday, February 15

Funan Wen

Frankly, I'm not a huge fan of ipoh horfun but I don't exactly dislike it either. To me, it's just another one of the many noodle-ish options that we have here in foodie Singapore. The last time I ate ipoh horfun was in my secondary school days and I ate that only because my friends told me that the ipoh horfun at Scotts foodcourt was fantastic. I remember feeling extremely neutral about my friends' highly recommended ipoh horfun because really, it didn't taste that great. Since then, I don't think I've ever tasted ipoh hofun again, not because it left a bad impression but because I've never gone out of my way to order what to me was a perfectly ordinary dish.

Last week, Jieqi brought me to Funan Wen, a Chinese restaurant that supposedly serves wonderful ipoh horfun (: Funan Wen is a stone's throw away from Once Upon A Milkshake, so you can visit both places (like we did) when you're in that area.

Their huge menu is plastered on the wall for people, probably for the regular lunch crowd who doesn't need to scan through the entire menu since they already know what they want to eat.

Regular lunch crowd. Thankfully, we managed to secure a seat despite the restaurant being very crowded! I think its convenient location, low prices and high quality food are the three important factors that draw the lunch crowd in.

Jieqi ordered the prawn with chicken ipoh horfun ($5.80). The dumplings were much larger than expected and more importantly, they taste good! I think this was just enough to suppress Jieqi's hunger pangs and to satisfy her craving for ipoh horfun (:

I chose to have mushroom & vegetable ipoh horfun ($5.20), which was what I had at Scotts foodcourt many many years ago. For the amount I paid, I didn't expect to see such a huge plate of food! I'm extremely pleased with the large servings of horfun, juicy succulent mushrooms and fresh green vegetables. In my opinion, there are two things that make this ipoh horfun an A dish: the horfun itself, which has a light springiness, and the horfun sauce, which had perfect consistency and taste. I thoroughly liked this simple yet satisfying meal.

Thanks Jieqi for introducing Funan Wen to me! (: It's real gem for ipoh horfun lovers.


  1. yay i'm glad you liked it dear! :)

  2. happy chinese new year, jan!! (: