Wednesday, June 20

Another Cha Chan Ting

We had pretty good weather the first 3 days of our trip but it soon became grey/ cloudy/ rainy/ stormy for the rest of our stay so we were quite pleased that we did most of the sightseeing during the first few days! Not only did we get to see quite a bit of HK life, we got to dine at a few cha chan tings like the one below too! I absolutely do not recall where this was located but I think it's not too faraway from our hotel (perhaps about 15mins walk?).

Stir-fried kai lan again! (: I told you it almost became a daily dish! haha

Roast pork that wasn't very nice according to the person who ate it!

Apparently one of the 'must try's - fish skin dumpling noodles!

Fishball and fishcake noodles.

I observed that the chilli paste that the HKers make tend to be spicier than Sg's and it generally has more kick! I always end up having to order iced milk tea to fight the fire on my tongue, heh.

Alright time to take a short break before clearing more stuff later! (:

Have a good 'hump' day!

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