Tuesday, June 19

Yung Kee

Hello (:

Time has gone by quickly the past two days because I was at a 2day course which made me think a bit more about people - how they become who they are and how does who they are affect how others in turn become, which was much preferable to dealing with post-course personal stuff that would have been easier to settle if some people would quit being so impossible to deal with. 

Anyhow, it's the end of the second day of the last week of my school hols and I'm booked for 6hours straight tomorrow so I better get some work done tonight.. but not before I do ONE HK post (: I suspect I'll do this one HK post a day till I'm done posting the post-worthy food photos as it allows me to relive the glorious foody days in HK.

So today's post is going to be on Yung Kee, which is possibly HK's most famous restaurant for roast goose! The kind concierge on duty at our hotel made a 7pm reservation for us on a weekday and we were thankful we made the wise decision to go to Yung Kee on a weekday because the restaurant wasn't packed full with diners so we were seated and served promptly.

Century eggs with ginger slices - must try! (:

Tofu! A bit too much for us to finish but it was good for variety!

Scallops with vegetables - I love this dish!

Here it is in all its glory: Yung Kee's famous roast goose! (: Underneath the duck sit wonderfully sweet and slightly hard yellow beans and they are seriously good! You have to try them, and the goose of course! (:

We actually ordered a plate of seafood fried noodles but somehow the order didn't get through, which is just as well because we were extremely full from finishing most of the dishes above! The dishes were delightful and I felt like a champ after the meal because I'd completed my 'pilgrimage' to Yung Kee (apparently 'a HK trip cannot be considered complete till one visits Yung Kee').

Definitely worth a visit if you're in HK! (: It's near the mid-levels so you can walk around to digest your food while taking in the nightlife in HK after you're done with Yung Kee (:

Alright that's all for now! Goodnight!


  1. You ate the goose? I thought you don't eat meat? =)

    1. Nope I ate the yellow beans! =P

      Maybe one day I'll consider eating meat!

    2. You should! Cuz yours is a lifestyle choice. At least try Yung Kee's roast goose. It's really yummy! =)