Thursday, June 21

Mak's Noodles

Hello (:

Since someone posted a comment on the previous entry saying that the noodles in that post looks like Mak's noodles, I thought that there was no better timing than now to post a photo of the famous Mak's noodles:

Although the bowl looks pretty decent in size, trust me when I say that this was possibly the most expensive bowl of noodles if you divide cost over quantity but thankfully the quality wasn't too bad. Having said that though, I felt slightly disappointed because Mak's noodles didn't wow me; I had thought that it would at least be on par with the noodles that I had at the cha can ting next to my hotel but I personally didn't find that to be the case. Nevertheless, it is worth a try if you want to have a taste of above-average noodles! (:

The good thing about having a light main course (i.e. Mak's noodles) is that it leaves you with plenty of room for dessert! I knew that I could not leave HK without trying the HK version of tau huay, which is actually made from milk and eggs if I'm not wrong, so we went looking for a stall nearby that sells these! (: Somehow, I preferred the white to the yellow even though I'm not a fan of milk and I think that is because I don't particularly like egg yolk? haha I realised I'm quite particular when it comes to food. These are definitely worth a try because I think it's one of the iconic desserts that tourists like myself try when we go to HK! (:

Ok I need to kick the restlessness out of my body FAST and SOON.. but for now, goodnight!

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