Monday, June 18

Best Noodles in HK

Hello everyone!

I've heard about how springy, light and delicious HK noodles are but nothing that I'd heard prepared me for the real experience, which was nothing short of mindblowingly awesome IF you go to the right shop!

Thankfully for me, I was given explicit directions to this wonderful noodle shop just a stone's throw away from Langham Place Hotel by a(n) ex-teacher/ ex-colleague/ friend (Thanks again Mrs Tan!) and I was simply over the moon when I first tried the noodles from this shop! It's a small shop tucked near the corner of the building and unfortunately, I didn't snap a photo of the name of the shop so if you want to look for it, you'll have to locate the shop that's opposite H&M (Langham Place outlet) along Shanghai Street! (: It's the only noodleshop along that stretch of 3-4 shops so it should be relatively easy to find!

We ate in the little shop (more commonly and fondly known as cha chan ting) one afternoon and was blown away by the sumptuousness of the noodles so guess what we did? On our last night in HK, we went down to the shop despite the rain and bought yummy noodles, along with two cups of warm and thick milk tea, back to our hotel room and had dinner there! A perfect way to end off the holiday! (:

Alright will blog about the other food we had in time to come.. dinner calls so I've to end this short entry! Have a good week ahead! (:

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