Sunday, June 10


Hello everyone! (:

It's currently raining in HK so I'm staying indoors till the weather clears. The storm last night was pretty disruptive because it woke me up a couple of times! I think the floor to ceiling windows didn't help because the heavy rain lashed out in full force and it became quite noisy. Thankfully it subsided early this morning and I could go back to sleep for a bit more.. (:

Anyhow, I'm going to blog about CMPB today! This was our last good meal in Sg before leaving for HK and boy am I pleased that I chose to go to CMPB for lunch! (:

The quality of food has improved a lot since the first time we visited when it had just opened! (:

Needless to say, we chose to sit indoors since the two guys tend to perspire quite a bit outdoors! The interior's quite dimly lit as before but at least it was cool (:
We started off with some cappuccino ($6), which was warm and lovely (: I liked that it didn't have too much foam!
My favourite drink in the world, Sprite ($6). Personally I find it ridiculous that restaurants charge the same price for soft drinks and coffee/ tea but I guess it's my choice to consume Sprite! So no complaints about the price of Sprite here!
Ooh this is a drink that made me make a face! haha It's called Green Energy ($12) and I think it's a mix of green apple and celery juice if I'm not wrong! Gosh the taste of celery is SO strong that it hit me the moment I took a sip!
Matty ordered the Cod & Chips ($27) and he sang praises of the fresh and juicy cod! (: I think the fries were good as well. Greens for sides is the way to go! (:

I had the Avocado Salmon with Poached Eggs ($21) and it was yummy! I think the advocado was a nice touch as it helps to give some texture and taste to the poached eggs and salmon.
Zaffrey's HUGE half & half pizza ($26) - ham and duck - and this was meant for two but this guy could finish most of it because he went to the gym before lunch for cycling class and he was famished! In any case, it's good that he's eating more because he has been losing a lot of weight! Oh but if you don't have a big appetite, I'd suggest ordering this to share so that you won't feel too stuffed or feel too bad when you can't polish this off entirely on your own.

Alright that's all for now! (: I'll be heading out quite a bit so I'll most probably not be blogging till I get back to Sg! Take care and have a great Sunday! (:

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