Saturday, June 23

Tim Ho Wan

Hello (:

My hols are drawing to an end & it looks like I won't be able to complete my HK posts before the end of hols so I'll play by ear and see what happens. Anyway, today's blogpost will be about the famous Tim Ho Wan one-star Michelin restaurant. It is reputed to be the world's most afforadable one-star Michelin restaurant because you can get a meal below $20! And they're NOT kidding! (:

Thankfully for us, we lived near one of the few Tim Ho Wan restaurants in HK and with the map given by the concierge at our hotel, we made our way there for an early dinner.

It was only 6+ in the evening but the queue is already starting to form! We were pretty thankful that we decided to head there early because we only waited for about 20mins. Apparently the wait lasts as long as a couple of hours during peak dining period!

Tim Ho Wan's seating capactiy (at least for the outlet that we went to) is actually very small - I think it can sit up to a maximum of 30 people, which explains why we've to wait for quite a while for turnover. There's only one small kitchen/ counter and there're a few skilled chefs making all the dimsums. The menu's quite limited but I think it's sufficient for most to have a taste of authentic dimsum in HK (:

Unsurprisingly, the desserts came first and this was quite a powerful bowl of clear sweet soup with white fungus and dates. I actually liked it a lot because they were not stingy with their ingredients! The sweet soup didn't taste like syrup and actually tasted pretty full-bodied (:

THE famous osmanthus jelly (: It is by far the most flavourful jelly of this type that I've eaten in my life! No wonder my colleague's daughter loves it! Thanks for the recommendation, EM! (:

We also ordered a plate of fried noodles, which was not too oily and nice to eat (: The portion size is just right for two people!

Chicken feet, which I skipped. Apparently it's good too (:

Absolutely cannot remember what this is but those who actually eat this will probably know what it is.. heh. Pardon me.

Oh steamed vegetables with garlic prawns dumplings! (: I think the garlic bits made it taste different in a good way. I would definitely have this again!

And the other of HK's famous 'dessert'/ tea snack: ma lai gao (which I guess translates into steamed sponge cake?). I could distinctly taste egg in it! I think HK cooking involves a lot of egg and milk and it's difficult not to taste these ingredients when we eat! Lovely lovely dish which I would love to have again.

I am very pleased that we managed to check off Tim Ho Wan on our "to eat" list because it was one of the few places that I was looking forward to visiting! The food lived up to my expectations and I would recommend this to all who are going to visit HK (:

Alright that's all for now (: Have a great sunny and cheery weekend! (:

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