Saturday, June 16

Portal at Langham Place Hotel


I just came back from a colleague's wedding and am feeling full and sleepy so I thought I'd do a short post before napping! Will start on the dimsum posts tonight if possible (:

Anyway, we had a free drink each at Portal because housekeeping needed a little while more to get our room ready for check-in and it was good that we decided to claim our free drink because Portal turned out to be one of the most friendly and welcoming bars that I've been to in my life (not saying that I've been to many; in fact, I seldom go to bars but this one definitely made an impression).

What I like most about Portal is that the staff are friendly and they generally leave you alone to enjoy the company of the person/ people you are with and/ or give you private time to yourself (: This means that you can sit there for quite a long while to do your own things without feeling hurried or pressured! Wonderful!

I actually forgot to take the cup of sprite and wine that the both of us chose to have but it doesn't really matter (:

We returned a few days towards the end of our trip and actually sat there to have hot chocolate and coffee while using the ipad to settle some things (: I definitely prefer the coffee tables to the high bar-top seats! It's a good place to go to if you want a break from the shopping crowd as it is relatively quiet and small.

Alright time to go off for a bit! Will update again soon! (:

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