Thursday, June 14

Breakfast at Langham Place Hotel

Hello everyone! (:

It's my last day in HK and since I've a bit of time to kill right now, I shall post some photos of the buffet breakfast I'd at The Place, which is the restaurant at the lobby of the hotel which I've been residing at for the entire trip! I think the photos speak for themselves so I will refrain from making any comments unless absolutely necessary! Alright here goes:

Actually there's a lot more food but I think we spent the second half of breakfast drinking tea and orange juice and talking so we kind of neglected the food, heh.

Oh! This is the first buffet breakfast place that allows takeaway! They'll allow you to take away some coffee/ tea/ fruit juices as well as some fruit (banana/ apples) and/ or bagel in case you get hungry again on the run! Fantastic! (:

Alright will probably do more HK related food posts, when I get back! (: Am going to enjoy the last of my holiday! Can't wait for my next adventure! (: Have a good day!

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