Sunday, June 17

Ming Court

Good morning everyone!

The question that is often asked after people find out that I've gone to HK for a break tends to center on dimsum. There are variations of what I call 'the dimsum question': did you eat a lot of dimsum there, was the dimsum really better than Sg's, have you been dimsuming a lot etc. and I'd like to say that while I didn't gorge myself silly on dimsum every single day of my trip, I did have my fair share and I am exceedingly pleased with what I tried!

Since we were staying at Langham Place Hotel, we HAD to make a trip to the famous Ming Court, a two-star Michelin restaurant, to try their food! I don't think that they were awarded their Michelin status for dimsum but we chose to have it anyway to satisfy our dimsum cravings! (:

 One of the rare Chinese restaurants that serve chrysanthemum tea (:

Cuttlefish cake if I'm not wrong - tastes like fried fish cake!

Pan-fried rice rolls (aka chee chong fun) with sesame and barbeque sauce.

Mushroom baos - the outer layer tasted like man tou, very yummy!

My favourite dish - custard eggyolk bao - and Ming Court, I daresay, serves THE BEST custard eggyolk bao (at least out of all those that I tried).

Mushroom and veggie dumplings - soft and flavourful.

Stir-fried vegetables, which we was one of our staple dishes because we had this almost every single day (not at this restaurant of course but at the others that we went to). This vegetable, I believe it's cai xin, is the most popular/ common vegetable dish in HK! (:

Last but not least, our phenomenal dessert: mango and birds' nest jelly in a cold, dry-ice filled box! I fancy the presentation more than the taste of the jelly, which was pretty bland in honest opinion. Nevertheless, this was a nice touch to end the meal (:

If you've limited time in HK, I would strongly suggest heading to Ming Court for dimsum because it's possibly the best dimsum meal that I'd during my stay in HK (: I would definitely want to go back again in future!  

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