Friday, June 15

Dinner at The Place

Hello everyone!

I'm back! (: I'd wanted to post this laste night but I was feeling pretty bushed from the bustle of the last day in HK so I basically unpacked, settled some other things and slept.

I shall post some photos of the one dinner buffet we'd at The Place, which again is the wonderful restaurant at Langham Place Hotel.

Surprisingly, there were quite a large crowd at The Place last Saturday evening when we decided to be lazy & make our way downstairs for dinner. Initially, we had thought that these people were part of a tour group but upon closer observation, we realised that they were people from all over. They added a nice lively buzz to the place and was nice having a good and filling meal at The Place (:

Alright enough talking, here are some photos from that night:

Sorry for some of the blurry shots! Heh, it's either the low lighting or the eagerness to eat or both that casued them =P
Anyhow, there's quite a bit of things today but nothing too pressing, which is good because I need some time to acclimatize to post-holiday life.

Alright that's all for now, have a good Friday! (:

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